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Social Strategy1 is a digital marketing agency founded in 2011. The company began as a SaaS social media and analytics firm and has morphed into a full service agency after successfully selling off the SaaS business in 2018. As an agency we have helped large corporate clients to high growth start-ups achieve their goals with a comprehensive offering of digital media services.


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The Faces Behind our Success

Dennis Stoutenburgh

President and Founder

Dennis, our founder and President, leverages his 35+ years of experience in communications and finance to drive long-term success. He’s a strategic thinker with a proven track record of delivering value to clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Prior to launching Social Strategy1, Dennis honed his financial expertise as a CPA. This unique background of financial and operating experience allows him to bridge the gap between marketing initiatives and overall business strategy.

Dennis goes beyond marketing; he ensures alignment between marketing and all company activities, maximizing impact and driving growth.

Mike Lewis


Mike Lewis brings a wealth of experience to Social Strategy1. Over the past few decades, he’s built a successful track record of launching, managing, and monetizing businesses. From leading ILD Corp.’s growth for over two decades to focusing on social commerce trends, Mike has a proven understanding of building and scaling businesses.Leveraging his extensive management expertise, Mike co-founded Social Strategy1 in 2011. The company helps businesses develop and execute impactful digital marketing strategies. He’s also the author of “Social Media Leadership,” a guide for executives navigating the ever-evolving world of social media.Mike’s approach to business growth revolves around recurring revenue models, strong influencer networks, and fostering top-tier leadership teams. Throughout his career, he’s consistently identified emerging trends and built businesses primed for strategic acquisitions across various sectors, including technology and social media.

Amanda Roser

Vice President of Marketing and Operations

With 18 years of marketing expertise, Amanda crafts compelling web content, graphic designs, and social media strategies that resonate with your audience. She understands the power of authenticity, weaving your company’s true story into captivating marketing campaigns.

In today’s digital landscape, Amanda knows presentation matters. She helps brands stand out from the crowd, crafting targeted strategies to attract, engage, and convert followers into loyal customers.

Whether it’s paid advertising, website optimization for organic traffic growth, or social media expansion, Amanda works closely with clients to ensure their marketing efforts deliver maximum impact. Her passion lies in seeing your company thrive, achieving all your marketing goals.

Becca Neubauer


Senior Marketing Director

With a decade of experience across diverse industries – from aesthetics to education – Rebecca brings a passion for paid advertising and creative freedom to every project. As our Advertising Director, she thrives on breaking the mold and crafting exceptional lead-generating campaigns.

Rebecca possesses a holistic view of marketing. She seamlessly integrates website landing pages, organic social posts, targeted digital ads, and engaging follow-up emails/texts into cohesive campaigns. She believes in a balanced approach, maximizing results while meticulously managing every aspect of your marketing strategy.

Always on top of the latest trends, Rebecca leverages the power of Meta, Google, and other platforms to ensure your brand message reaches the right audience.

Dane Fuentes

Business Development Manager

Dane brings a dynamic energy to Social Strategy1 as our Marketing Business Developer. Since 2016, he’s honed his expertise in marketing, wielding his background in advertising and sales to craft innovative solutions for clients. Dane thrives on the challenge of translating marketing narratives into tangible results.

For Dane, marketing is the captivating storyteller, drawing audiences in with compelling narratives that are driven by data. However, he recognizes the crucial role of sales – the action hero that turns interest into measurable growth. This holistic understanding allows him to develop out-of-the-box strategies that not only capture attention but also drive conversions, keeping the bottom line a constant priority.

Driven by a passion for forging strong relationships, Dane fosters collaborations between Social Strategy1 and its clients, ensuring every project delivers the strategic edge needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Jess Hill

Web Marketing Associate

Jess is a website whiz, crafting engaging, informative, and functional websites that bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences. Her passion lies in using websites to tell compelling brand stories and foster meaningful client connections.
Jess is a master listener, collaborating closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and target audience. Whether tackling a 3-page project or a complex 100-page website, she approaches each one with the same enthusiasm.
For Jess, a website is more than just code; it’s an extension of the company itself. She designs websites that authentically represent a brand, fostering deeper customer connections and attracting new leads.

Addison Doerr

Digital Marketing Manager

Addison brings a fresh perspective and digital marketing expertise to the team. Her passion for social media and email marketing is fueled by understanding what resonates with today’s audiences.

She’s a master of crafting visual content that grabs attention and goes beyond the client’s initial ideas. Addison dives deep, analyzing competitors to develop strategies that rise above the noise.

Her social media magic drives engagement, while her captivating email designs boost open and click-through rates. Addison doesn’t settle for flat marketing; she injects movement and eye-catching visuals to achieve measurable results for clients.

Elle Bares

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Digital Marketing Manager

With over 15 years of experience, Elle brings a passion for digital design and technology to every project. Elle sees potential in every project, transforming flat ideas into vibrant digital experiences.

Her ability to translate concepts into captivating visuals, whether on a website or marketing graphic, is a client favorite. Elle’s keen eye for design ensures your brand’s marketing initiatives come alive, leaving a lasting impression.

Aimee toland

Digital Marketing Assistant (Reporting & Automations)

Aimee has a passion for streamlining workflows and maximizing results. She’s an expert in automation platforms and CRM systems, keeping projects on track and client activities organized.

Aimee’s talents extend beyond automation. She’s passionate about SEO and thrives on optimizing websites for organic growth. From content and images to alt text and backlinks, she dives deep to ensure your website attracts more visitors.

Julie Brown


Julie brings a wealth of experience in accounting to Social Strategy1. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she plays a vital role in ensuring the company’s financial health. Julie meticulously maintains and manages Social Strategy1’s financial records, guaranteeing the accuracy of our financial statements. Her expertise allows us to make informed business decisions and navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

Julie’s background boasts a strong foundation in accounting. Following her graduation from Baylor University, she honed her skills in public accounting before transitioning to the corporate world. This diverse experience allows her to approach financial challenges from various angles, consistently exceeding expectations.

Beyond the numbers. Julie thrives with the SS1 team always two steps ahead to provide support where needed with colleagues and clients. Her positive spirits and her clear communication style contribute significantly to the team’s overall success.

Larry Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Larry powers our clients’ websites. With a deep understanding of application engineering, database design, and project management, Larry ensures the smooth operation of the technical backend, the invisible engine that drives a seamless user experience.

Larry’s dedication extends far beyond just technical expertise. He’s a firm believer in the power of collaboration and is always willing to lend a helping hand, regardless of project size or complexity. Whether it’s a minor technical tweak or a full-scale website overhaul, Larry approaches every challenge walking the team through a challenge with the same enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.

Darren McDowell

Director of IT

Darren is the backbone of Social Strategy1’s technical operations. As our Director of IT, Darren wears many hats, from architecting and developing social analytics software to overseeing DevOps tasks. He leverages his expertise in C#, .NET frameworks, and various databases to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service.

Darren’s dedication extends beyond his technical skills. He’s a true team player, always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed.  This collaborative spirit ensures Social Strategy1 consistently delivers exceptional projects for our clients.

We stop at nothing

We combine data insights, and out of the box creative skills with marketing expertise to craft impactful campaigns that drive results (traffic, brand awareness, leads, sales).

We Love To Explore​

We are a team of passionate creatives. The industries we work on are Medical Aesthetics, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Education.

We are your strategic partner

Social Strategy1 is your strategic partner, navigating the ever-changing digital landscape to bring your business to the top where your customers are searching.

We Keep It personalized

 Our personalized service ensures your brand shines, as we offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions to elevate where you are.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Which is why we’re committed to crafting personalized marketing strategies that bring your dreams to life.
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