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In today’s world, the Internet is the first place we turn to learn about anything — from job prospects and breaking news to shopping, travel ideas, and the people in our lives.  Plus, the average American spends 6+ hours per day online. That’s one quarter of each and every day. During that time, our ideas and opinions are being influenced by what we find on the Internet.

Online reputation can be the difference between fantastic success or embarrassing failure. Unfortunately, search algorithms prioritize popularity, not always accuracy.

Online reputation management is the strategy to actively control the Web content connected to your name.

Some online reputation management tactics you can do by yourself, some require a team effort — but no matter your situation, there are steps you can take right now that will make a difference.

Online Reputation Management, at a high level, is primarily concerned with two goals:

1. Creating or modifying the existing information in your search engine results, third party review sites, and social media presence.

2. Encouraging search engines to boost important content to the top of the results, where most people will find it.

Online review management has evolved. It’s not enough to just watch your reviews come in. Today you have to respond to negative reviews, send review invites, and more. Podium helps you manage customer reviews proactively, so you can focus on getting more.

  • 70% of consumers are willing to leave a review for a business when asked
  • 82% of consumers say the content of a review has to convince them to make a purchase
  • 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions


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