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You know your ideal customer, and we know social media advertising.  By combining our social ad expertise with your customer familiarity, we will:

  • Target your ideal audience
  • Create and design compelling ad copy
  • Define the most profitable advertising goals
  • Locate your ideal customer
  • Communicate the benefits of engaging with your ad or company
  • Create landing pages that turn ad traffic into lucrative leads
  • Track advertising results so that you will know when the ad campaign is working and when it needs adjusting

Our proven and effective strategies bring outstanding results.  For example, we designed and ran a Facebook advertising campaign for a medical aesthetics client that reached over 75,500 people within the practice’s target audience, which resulted in 261 new leads, which resulted in 44 people that booked treatment consultations, which resulted in 29 new patients and booked service appointments, which finally resulted in the practice collecting $23,000 that they wouldn’t have otherwise received.  And we achieved all these results in a single, 30-day ad campaign with only a $3,000 ad budget!

Put the power of Social Media Advertising to work for your business by teaming up with Social Strategy1!

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