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Do you know what your customers are saying about you?
Social Strategy1 has the tools to fin dout and transform it into actionable data.

Discover What Your Customers Are Saying About You

Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Social Strategy1 has the tools to find out and transform it into actionable data.

Is your company using customer surveys and purchasing industry trade publications for competitive and market analysis?  Let Social Strategy1 show you how real-time unstructured data from social media channels can fuel your decision making, provide instant feedback on new promotions or marketing campaigns and give you insight into consumer sentiment of your competitors.  

We combine industry cutting edge mining technology with social media data analysts to provide you insights that you cannot get from the most sophisticated technology dashboard or traditional market research reports.  Make better, faster decisions with real-time data!

As long as social media exists there will always be public consumer data. With social monitoring you can focus your sample by gender, geographic, social network and psychographics. And if social media is not a part of your sample, you’ll miss the pulse of the consumer.

Real-Time Results & Data Control

The beauty of market research with real-time results is you are fast tracked to data interpretation. Stages of organization and collection are drastically shorter. From product launches to follow-up marketing, get your results faster. Plus, our listening engine prepares and tabulates the data based on your custom needs, giving you only relevant data specific to study or campaign moving your team into reporting stages quickly.

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Market Research Client Testimonials

I really appreciate the detailed insights and analytics that Social Strategy1 supplies to EY for our Entrepreneur of the Year program. Thank you for your very quick response and the amazing results you generate. What you did far, far, far exceeded our expectations. THANK YOU!

Debra von Storch

EY Partner of Strategic Growth Markets, EY Entrepreneur of the Year

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